Raising the profile of science in primary schools

Get your whole school buzzing about science!

Young Science Ambassadors is an outstanding national scheme to help raise the profile of science in UK primary schools. We come to your school and spend the day training a group of 4 to 6 pupils to become Science Ambassadors. The children experience a range of hands-on practical activities and learn the science behind them. They receive a set of lab coats and a big box of kit to help them perform a range of science-based roles at school.

"Well organised, informative and fun! A great opportunity to develop a structure to raise the profile of science in our school. I loved seeing my kids grow in confidence as the day went on."

Headteacher - Wisewood Primary School

Science stars!

Having Young Science Ambassadors in school can really help the whole school to engage more with science. Your ambassadors will be equipped with loads of exciting science demonstrations that can be used in a number of ways.

Here are some of our favourites!

  • Science show assemblies
  • Lunchtime science club
  • Entertaining waiting parents on open evenings
  • School fair stall
  • Playground science busking
  • Science week activities

Shout about science!

As well as looking the part and knowing their stuff, an essential part of being a Young Science Ambassador is being able to communicate this science to others. We help your ambassadors to become expert science entertainers! They learn the skills required to attract an audience, keep them entertained and teach them loads of fun science facts! Our programme helps children learn the skills to communicate to groups of people of all ages so they can adapt their role to different situations.

What teachers are saying...

“Fantastic range of experiments which were accessible for the children and easy to complete”
“Wow factors in abundance”
“Great guidance, support and feedback with how to present well”
“Very useful resource kit to take away”
“Very knowledgeable staff to support with the science behind the investigations”
“Fabulous way to get kids excited by science”
“Brilliantly enthusiastic facilitator, whose love of science shone through”

About us

The Young Science Ambassador scheme is run across the UK by Dr Alison Buxton and her team at STEAM WORKS, a not for profit organisation helping to encourage young people in science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM). We are a team of dedicated scientists, engineers, tech lovers and teachers with a passion for all things STEM & STEAM!

50% off if you invite other schools!

So we can make this programme as cost effective as we can for you, we encourage schools to work together to train their Young Science Ambassadors. This also means that pupils have the opportunity to work alongside children they don’t know, which can be a great way to build confidence and practise their science communication skills. The ideal number of schools involved in a day is 4, but we can accommodate more if necessary. One lead school will host the day with other local schools participating.

What's Included?
  • Full days training for 4 Science Ambassadors
  • Individual lab coats with embroidered Young Science Ambassador logo
  • Box full of equipment and supplies to perform science demonstrations
  • 15 accessible science activities suitable for primary school
  • Masses of enthusiasm and encouragement as well as lots of science knowhow to excite your pupils!

£500 per school (if training alone *Reduced to only £250 per school if training as part of a cluster*)

Want to train more than 4 ambassadors? No problem, just let us know how many would work for your school and we can figure out how many extra labcoats and kit you’ll need.

“The most awesome day of my life! I have learnt so much”

Katie age 9


“It was amazing! There was comedy and there was science! I learnt loads of new stuff and can’t wait to start being a science ambassador back at school. KABOOM – MIND BLOWN!”

James age 10

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